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Census Bureau Stats Show it’s Time to End Racial Preferences? | Missouri Political News Service

Census Bureau Stats Show it’s Time to End Racial Preferences?

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May 22, 2007
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The recent release by the Census Bureau of statistics showing the enormous growth of the minority population in the U.S. provides yet more evidence that it is time to end racial preferences in America, says Ward Connerly, whose American Civil Rights Coalition is supporting a 2008 ‘Super Tuesday’ campaign of ballot initiatives in at least five states against such preferences.

Says Connerly, “The fact that the number of minorities now stands at 100 million-plus — fully one-third of the nation’s total, and counting – completely undercuts the original justification for racial preferences. When originally conceived in the 1960’s, America was a very different nation, one in which whites were in a clearly dominant position. At the time, ‘affirmative action’ was a well meaning concept designed as a temporary measure to ensure that, as John F. Kennedy’s original executive order had it, individuals would be treated equally, ‘without regard to their race, creed, color, or national origin.’ But from those admirable origins, has grown a vast network of racial preferences that, in fact, mocks the very concept of equity as it systematically imposes double standards everywhere from the university to the workplace.

“The Census Bureau numbers make clearer than ever that this pernicious system has long outlived its original intent. Minorities are no longer vastly outnumbered or politically helpless. In fact, in four states, including California, “minorities” are the majority. The very numbers undermine the rationale for ‘affirmative action.’”

Among the states where measures banning racial preferences in university admissions and government contracting are slated to appear on the ballot in November, 2008 are Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arizona.

ACRC works with grassroots supporters and leaders on the local, state and federal level to end racial and gender preferences and classifications. ACRC engages in activities such as initiative campaigns and lobbying and is committed to achieving equal opportunity for everyone.




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