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McCaskill Questions New ERA Push | Missouri Political News Service

McCaskill Questions New ERA Push

May 21st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments



For Sen. Claire McCaskill, equality for women is “just like motherhood and apple pie,” but the Missouri Democrat is none too eager to change the Constitution to guarantee it.

So as Congress prepares for hearings on a revived Equal Rights Amendment, McCaskill is on the sidelines, much to the disappointment of some of her feminist backers.

“The ERA — just because of the history of it, just in and of itself — is an incredibly divisive thing, and sometimes I’m not sure that the divisiveness is worth it,” McCaskill said in an interview in her Capitol Hill office.

Oh really? That’s funny, last time I checked you got your political experience by interning for the late Sue Shear…one of the ERA’s biggest champions; last time I checked you bent over backwards for the ERA PAC’s endorsement…which you did get; last time I checked you championed every cause the ERA-nuts supported back home.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The ERA was part of a movement many Americans–and Missourians in particular–thought were leading the country in an extremely left wing direction. Let’s not forget, Sen. Mccaskill isn’t the first woman from Missouri to make political waves.

The Senator knows this would be a perfect issue for the GOP to use when she’s up for reelection. What flies for Teddy Kennedy (the bill’s sponsor) doesn’t fly for Sen. Mccaskill, and I think she knows that.



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