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“Kay for Kansas City” | Missouri Political News Service

“Kay for Kansas City”

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Kay Waldo Cronkite Barnes’ campaign sure is stumbling out the starting gate. Besides having a few geography challenges during her campaign announcement, Waldo Cronkrite Barnes had old makeshift campaign signs at the rally with Congress taped over the words “Kay for Kansas City”. One word. Cheesy.

From The Source:

It has already been well documented that at the press conference announcing her intent to run for Congress, Kay Barnes changed her name once again. What has not been reported are her supporters’ attempts to change her history.

Several supporters held “Kay for Congress” signs, but the word Congress was taped over the original message. Why would supporters want to hide that message? Because it won’t fit with her “new” image, that’s why.

The original words reveal Kay’s real roots. The signs say “Kay for Kansas City” and that is all she has ever been about, politically. And not all of Kansas City either, just downtown Kansas City where her excesses can be hidden by the splendor of new (empty) arenas and where “growth” hides the worst constituent services record in decades. However, downtown Kansas City is not even in the 6th District she hopes to represent. Read more…



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