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Hulshof Talk Continues… | Missouri Political News Service

Hulshof Talk Continues…

May 17th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

hThe Missouri Political News Service sends a hat tip to Missouri’s political bloggers and chat boards for linking to this story.

MOPNS was the first news source to break the story of Rep. Hulshof’s chief of staff’s resignation.

The Columbia Tribune Politics Blog, a Missouri blogger on Daily Kos, and a chat room called TigerBoard.com are discussing the resignation and the possible naming of Hulshof as the next MU system president. Below is a comment from the TigerBoard:

“Hulshof as System Pres might be a necessary”

I like Hulshof a lot for a Republican, and for whatever reason, many Republicans in the General Assembly seem to see Mizzou as the enemy rather than the state’s flagship school.

They see Columbia as a liberal city in the middle of a red state and have not sufficiently funded the school and have taken any opportunity (see MOHELA) to spread MU funding across the state.

Honestly, if the presence of a high-profile Republican (especially a decent one like Hulshof), gets the ball rolling as far as funding for the university goes, it’s probably a positive.

Mizzou is in a fairly liberal city and is represented in the Missouri legislature mostly by the minority party, and a disliked senator like Graham. That doesn’t bode well for funding, and Blunt and the Republican leadership certainly haven’t done much.



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