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“Non-Partisan, Independent Political Blog” Starts Special Series on Legislature | Missouri Political News Service

“Non-Partisan, Independent Political Blog” Starts Special Series on Legislature

May 14th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Pub Def will be presenting this week a series of special reports called “Legislature Out of Control.” The self described “non-partisan, independent political blog’s” first story in the series is titled, “Heard Loudon Clear”: Senator Lies!

By Dan Martin

A slick move by a Republican senator to pass his controversial legislation while even members of his own party weren’t paying attention has left many of his colleagues red-faced and further harmed the integrity of the body.

Last Thursday, the Missouri Senate and House voted on House Bill 818, a fairly ordinary document dealing with Health Insurance and Tax Credits. The bill had come back from committee recently, and Senator John Loudon, the bill’s sponsor in the Senate, assured his fellow Senators that the bill had only minor technical changes from its previous versions. The bill was quickly approved in both the House and the Senate.

What his colleagues soon discovered, however, was that there had been changes to the bill that were neither minor nor technical.

Loudon, who in his failed bid for State Auditor last year billed himself as the honest “Taxpayers’ Watchdog”, had secretly slipped language from his own failed legislation, Senate Bill 303, into the document and lied to his colleagues about it. Read more…



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