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Left Wing Fringe Blogger Calls The Star “GOP Friendly”

May 6th, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

Left wing fringe blogger Brad Friedman claims the Kansas City Star is “GOP friendly”. Yes, we understand that statement alone eliminates any credibility Friedman may have had, but as a public service to our readers, the Missouri Political News Service attempts to bring you different views and perspectives.

Friedman bases his ridiculous claim on the fact that the paper allegedly edited the names of prominent Missouri and national GOP’ers from a recent McClatchy Newspapers propaganda piece. The article details their roles in the Missouri connection to the U.S Attorney’s scandal.

The Star agreed with us that the story was mostly smoke and no fire, with the principals being convicted through manufactured circumstantial evidence. Here are the opening sentences of Friedman’s blog post in screaming headline form:

Kansas City Paper Hatchets McClatchy Story on Missouri GOP ‘Voter Fraud’ Scam to Make it GOP Friendly

Removes References to Republican Missouri Politicians, Karl Rove, Thor Hearne, ACVR, Lack of ‘Voter Fraud’ Evidence and More

Yet Another Mind-Blowing Mainstream Media Embarrassment…

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