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Slouching Towards Big Brother | Missouri Political News Service

Slouching Towards Big Brother

May 3rd, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

First St. Louis installs red light cameras; then, our neighbors in the Illinois legislature assumed people are drawn to Chicago for the brisk air and smoke free bars; now, the Missouri legislature is telling you how safe you need to be in your own car.  I’m beginning to feel like Winston Smith.

AP reports

Jefferson City — Police would be able to pull over motorists solely for not wearing seat belts under a measure that won approval Wednesday in the Senate.

Under the current law, Missouri motorists must wear seat belts, but police can ticket them only if they were stopped for another reason.

“This is a piece of legislation we know will save lives,” said sponsoring Sen. Charlie Shields.

Are you going to coddle us next Sen. Shields?



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