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KCIA Spokesman Finally Speaking Out

May 1st, 2007 by mopns · No Comments

KCIAA story claiming the Kansas City International Airport added foot-washing basins to their restrooms to accommodate a growing number of Muslim cab drivers.

Yesterday KCIA spokesman, Joe McBride, finally addressed the issue in a news story by KMBC-TV titled “Airport Debunks Islamic Foot Washing Myth

“It’s a case of mistaken information on the Internet and we’re trying to clear it up,” McBride said.

Taxi drivers said they comprise people from all over the world — not just the Mideast.

“All (kinds of) cab drivers we have here — Somalis, Christians, Jews, Orthodox. Everybody we have here, every nationality,” taxi driver Abdul Sharif said.

McBride said the wash stations were installed about a year ago when the airport expanded the taxi facility and added another bathroom. He said the wash stations weren’t made for the exclusive use of anyone or any group in particular.

Well of course they wouldn’t restrict the use of the wash stations based on religion, that would add even more flame to the fire. The question raised by the airport officials who leaked the story is: why is KCIA catering to a specific religion?

“The guys making a big issue out of it — it’s not just for Muslims,” taxi driver Shareif El-Mahdi said.

“I think the Internet article blew it out of proportion. (It) had the wrong info about the facilities, gave the wrong impression. I think once people learn the facts, they’ll see it’s not a big deal at all,” McBride said.

One would think in a story titled “Airport Debunks Islamic Footwashing Myth” there would be some actual debunking going on. Instead, all we get is a denial from the airport’s official spokesperson.



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