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Mi·sog·y·ny –Noun “Hatred, Dislike, or Mistrust of Women” | Missouri Political News Service

Mi·sog·y·ny –Noun “Hatred, Dislike, or Mistrust of Women”

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As more of the lurid details of the “green balloons” encounter emerges between Jetton and a childhood friend, one thing is becoming certain as accusations and counter accusations are thrown about in court. Mr. Jetton seems to have an unusual fetish for physically abusing women during sex. Jetton doesn’t refute that the sex got rough, his defense is that it was consensual. It seems inconceivable to us that a woman who was sexually abused as a child would willingly want to be beat up during sex? She suggested that their use of a safe word was due to the fact the she got “flashbacks” during sex.

Now the woman does admit that there was a great deal of flirtation in their text messages and phone calls but she admitted in court that she “had no idea people did this? (sadomasochism) According to womansavers.com, one of the tactics a misogynist uses to  entrap their victims is “threats of withdrawal if you don‘t comply.” Maybe this explains the context of her suggestive text messages to “Hot Rod.” Below is a partial list of misogynist characteristics compiled by womansavers.com:

*A Knight In Shining Armor, “I‘ll save you.”

“Late last year, the woman said she decided to reconnect with old friends on the social website Facebook. She said she was sexually abused as a child and had dialogue with Jetton about that. The dialogue grew into an online friendship.” – St. Louis Post Dispatch

“She initially contacted Jetton because of her affiliation with the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, and talked with him about legislative efforts in Missouri on behalf of victims of sexual abuse” – K.C.Star

*Comes on too strong, love bombing at first:

“We definitely flirted a lot on the phone,” Lowe said. When questioned by Wilson about the nature of the texts and phone calls, Lowe denied asking to be hit and punched during intercourse.

“Did you text ‘I’m disobedient and you may have to punish me’ to Mr. Jetton?” Wilson asked Lowe. “Did you say ‘If it’s not rough, it isn’t fun’?”

Lowe said while their text messages were playful and they talked about sex, she didn’t text those words exactly.

“I recall talking how we were going to pleasure each other. I didn’t know he’d like it rough,” Lowe said.” – SE Missourian

“The woman said Jetton suddenly pulled her pants down, then began hitting her on the head and face. She said she fell to the floor and he straddled her, using a belt to bind her wrists.” – Post Dispatch

*Can‘t stand criticism; always on the defense:

“Now, I want to reiterate that everything I have done with this consulting company is lawful. It’s legal and I have fully disclosed it all along the way.” – Prime Buzz:

*Has a distorted view of reality:

“About as close as Jetton will come to admitting that he did anything wrong as speaker is to say that he was “prideful and cocky.” -Post Dispatch

*Has grandiose behavior; is cocky, controlling, self-centered. Has problems with authority figures.

“In January 2004, Gov. Bob Holden was lecturing the Republican-led House of Representatives over shortcomings the Democrat saw in the GOP legislative agenda. Jetton didn’t take kindly to his tone.

He rose from his back-row seat and bellowed: “Release the money, governor!” — a reference to a dispute over education funds.  It was a brash move, cocky even.” – Post Dispatch

*Is competitive; must always win; his way or no way at all:

“Early in his tenure, Jetton bounced his budget chairman, Brad Lager, in a dispute over priorities. He later removed another committee chairman, Rep. Scott Lipke, R-Jackson.”  – Post Dispatch

*Is an habitual liar; he twists facts to make it look as if he were the victim:
“I got an application in to drive a garbage truck, and I got turned down to sell appliances,” Jetton, 42, said in an interview. “I’ve got no reputation. I have no money. I’ve got nothing.” – Post Dispatch

“It’s pretty simple to throw it all on old Jetton,” said the former speaker. “There’s nobody who’s going to step up and defend me. I can’t do anything for anybody anymore.”
– Post Dispatch

*Professes to be religious…Believes in the traditional stereo-type role modeling and roles.

“First elected in 2000, he played a key role in the Republican takeover in Missouri in the 2002 elections. He endorsed “personal responsibility” and pledged to protect “traditional family values” after colleagues elected him speaker in 2005.” New Tribune

“During his political career, Jetton was quick to point to his Christian upbringing in discussing personal decisions and legislative debate.

“Every day, you’ve got to get up and try your best to stay away from temptation and pray that the Good Lord will watch over you and not let the devil destroy your life,” Jetton told a Baptist publication shortly after becoming speaker.” – Post Dispatch


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