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Why On Earth Would We Need Oversight In St Louis County?!?

May 11th, 2020 by editor ·

[Source: Jeffrey Bricker/File photo]

The latest brewing controversy in St Louis County has been over the federal stimulus money being received to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. In the left corner is Council Chairperson Lisa Clancy. In the right corner is the “Republican Caucus” members Mark Harder, Tim Fitch, and Ernie Trakas. The question at hand is how to handle the $180 million in federal stimulus to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

Clancy says:

“This is a public health emergency,” Clancy repeated in response. “We need to move swiftly. There is ample opportunity for council members to get the information they need to make an informed decision about this, and I encourage everyone to do so.”

Republican caucus says:

“The county executive has already earmarked certain government officials and departments in our region for their use with no oversight; long before this money ever reaches St. Louis County.”

Could Clancy have a hidden motive behind handing all the money over to the county executive to use as he and his appointees see fit?

Clancy disagrees:

“She said she did not have a conflict of interest. She said when Page hired her brother, he did so without her consultation. She said she wasn’t thrilled about how it would look, but that it had no impact on her role as council chair.”

Admittedly though the county executive should keep an eye over his shoulder given is Campaign Manager’s resume

Organizing Director – Mantovani for STL Sept 2017 – Aug 2018

  • Responsible for the creation and implementation of a detailed field plan, $300,000 budget, and strategy

Field Director – Citizens for Steve Stenger April 2014 – Jan 2015

  • Managed the field campaign for Steve Stenger’s successful bid for St. Louis Count Executive

Shoot…..even the highly biased editorial board of the St Louis Post Dispatch thinks it is a bad idea:

“The Post-Dispatch editorial page weighed in on the matter. “Even if they have the best of intentions, their backroom, partisan maneuvers stink of impropriety.””

It should be interesting how this plays out….it doesn’t bode well for Chair Clancy when Bill McClellan says

“For a liberal Democrat the rule is this: When you’ve lost the Post-Dispatch editorial board, you’ve lost the room.”


STL County Ends 2011 with Surplus After County Executive Said County in Desperate Financial Straits

Dooley Lays Off 26; $200k a Year Cronies Keep Their Jobs

Stenger Gets Nearly 4 Years In Prison For Corruption Scheme



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Branson TV Evangelist Touts COVID19 Treatment But Former Gov. Nixon Says Bakker Real Victim

May 11th, 2020 by editor ·

[Source: Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice]

As per ABC News:

“During a Feb. 12 episode of the “The Jim Bakker Show,” Sellman claimed the so-called Silver Solution was able to eliminate some strains of coronavirus.

Asked if the Silver Solution would be effective against COVID-19, specifically, Sellman replied, “Let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus, but it’s been tested on other strains of the coronavirus and it has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours.””

The FDA and FTC sent warning letters.  The New York Attorney General sent a cease and desist order. The Missouri Attorney General filed filed a lawsuit

Now the former Governor of Missouri AND a former Attorney General of Missouri Jay Nixon says that Bakker is the real victim.


  “Bakker has a First Amendment right to urge viewers of “The Jim Bakker Show” to get their bodies ready for the end times, even if the methods of doing so might not hold up to secular scrutiny.   “Pastor Bakker was engaged in a religious practice and speech during this show, as he is in his daily shows out of Blue Eye, Missouri,” he said. “

We will just ignore that

“Last month Bakker asked viewers to mail in checks after credit card companies refused to work with him due to his show promoting the phony remedy. He also complained that his legal challenges had given ammunition to critics who wanted his “head on a platter” while forcing him to pay lawyers who seek to “bleed” him to death.”

So glad the former Governor is making good use of his time.

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Video: “Allowing Non Citizens to Vote is Ridiculous”

May 11th, 2020 by editor ·

St Louis Election Law attorney and Americans for Citizen Voting board member Jalesia “Jasha” McQueen shares her thoughts on how voting is a privilege and should be limited to only citizens. Click here to watch the entire town hall.

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Congressman: “What’s Wrong With Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote?”

May 8th, 2020 by editor ·



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Lambert Revenue up in the air….but lets buy a statue

May 8th, 2020 by editor ·

Due to the coronavirus, Lambert St Louis Airport has experienced a projected $17 million loss of revenue.

The airport has performed cost cutting through cutting projects, a hiring freeze, reducing budgets and approving $34,000 for a public art installation commemorating the 100th anniversary.

Wait, what?

Don’t worry the money is coming from a fund dedicated to public art and not the operating budget of the airport.

Meanwhile concessions and other businesses serving airport travelers are struggling and asking for help from the airport.  The very generous airport offered a 3 month deferral of rent to be paid sometime in the next 12 months.  Commissioner Sean Fitzgerald, a vice president at Enterprise Holdings said that wasn’t enough.

“All you’re doing,” Fitzgerald said, “is saying ‘you don’t have to file bankruptcy now, you can wait until the next day, when that overhead becomes so tremendous that you can’t make it. Providing nothing to the concessionaires other than a ‘just pay me later’ environment is totally inappropriate.”

With St Louis City Mayor Lyda Krewson and St Louis County Executive Dr Sam Page taking the very very slow path to restarting businesses in the area we can only imagine a recovery will not be quick.

But….let’s buy a statue.  #tonedeaf



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Lobbyist Dick Gephardt Seeks End of Electoral College

March 23rd, 2020 by MarkTwain ·

The Wall Street Journal asked former politicians and military leaders their views on what positives may come out of the Corona virus pandemic. The former House majority leader’s answer was partisan and quite frankly an embarrassment. You would think that a guy who represented a flyover state for all those years in Congress would understand how important the electoral college is to states like Missouri. Without the electoral college, the east and west coasts, Florida and Texas would elect the president every four years.

“Change the electoral college to a national popular vote (and) adopt full or leveraged matching public finance of small contributions for congressional campaigns for any candidate who forgoes private fundraising…I  understand those two changes sound unrelated to the present pandemic, but my thought is that when we face similar global and national threats in the future, it is essential that citizens trust their leaders enough to follow them.”

The “son of a milk truck driver” has done quite well after leaving congress and starting his lobbying firm.


Shadowy NGO Chaired by Former Cong. Richard Gephardt Accused of “Covertly Funding Political Parties, Influencing Elections and Aiding Coups”

Surprise! Surprise! Lobbyist & Auto Parts Manufacturer Board of Director Dick Gephardt Supports Auto Bailout

TARP Recipient Goldman Sachs’ Tax Rate Falls to 1%; Gephardt is Firm’s Lobbyist



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COVID-19 Is A Tragedy for Africa—Reminder of the US’s Vital Role in the Region

March 23rd, 2020 by MarkTwain ·

By Christopher Arps

COVID-19 is an important break, and one the US should use as an opportunity. Consider: How many African leaders are now going to want to drape their arms around their Chinese equivalents?

How many are going to be interested in dialing up trade with China in the near-term? And how many are going to want to import droves of Chinese contractors to build schools and bridges and roads for Africa?

The answer: very few. Cameroon, South African, Senegal, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Sudan have all confirmed cases of COVID-19, and both the numbers of countries and the number of infected individuals is set to rise. When those numbers go up, China’s stock in Africa will plummet.

This is an historic opportunity for the United States to step up, show leadership, and build the kinds of bil-lateral ties that have held our country in good stead for generations.

It was just weeks ago that the Secretary of Defense announced plans to potentially draw down America’s presence in Cameroon and others of what is known as the Sahel region. Read more…


FOXNews.com: Stephen King panned for claiming coronavirus task force is ‘all male … all white’



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Ed Martin Contracts ‘Foot in Mouth’ Disease While Discussing Corona Virus

March 23rd, 2020 by MarkTwain ·

Controversial Ed Martin is back in the national news again. The perennial candidate, and president of one of the Phyllis Schafly splinter groups, expressed his opinion recently on the Corona Virus stimulus package making its way thru congress.


Ed Martin, President of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles served as a guest and co-host with the Republican leader, Larry Bucshon of Indiana. Martin urged Buschon not to cover any needed services for those in need because the “losers” may ask for money. “Here’s what I told him today: If the answer is, ‘We’re going to send you $ 1,000 because times are hard,’ every American Democrat can tell you that every time in America it’s hard. “We have, ‘Transgenders need $ 1,000 a month because that’s hard.’” Martin used the term “hyphenated American” to refer to any of the minority cultures, which he regarded as “inclusive” as an essential resource.
Read more…

Although we agree with Martin’s concern for creating another permanent entitlement program for the American people, his comments only divide people instead of bringing us together during this national emergency.


OzarksFirst.com: EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Mike Parson speaks on Missouri’s response to COVID-19 (Parts 1 & 2)

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Dumb Maria Doesn’t Want to ‘Dumb Down Health Practices’

February 18th, 2020 by MarkTwain ·

Maria Chappelle – Nadal doesn’t realize (or care) that the bill she is opposing, allows military spouses with professional licenses in other states, to practice their profession in Missouri while their spouse is stationed in Missouri.

The STL Post Dispatch editorial below calls Rep. Maria Chappelle Nadal “uninformed” on the details of this bill. Shocker! This is the same progressive warrior who compared President Trump to Hitler and later gained international infamy for calling for Trump’s assassination. These acts almost got her expelled from the state senate in 2017.

‘One critic, Democrat Maria Chappelle-Nadal of University City, seemed particularly uninformed about what the bill would do. “I never want to be the one to advocate a dumbing down of health practices in my district, and I’m pretty sure that no one else would want to do that either,” she stated on the House floor. Her objections neither deserved nor gained any traction before lopsided votes moved the legislation to the Senate.’ Read more…


Coldwater Creek Advocate “Concerned About Verbal & Social Media Promises” by State Senator

Drug Testing Legislators is a Bad Idea

Chappelle-Nadal Challenges STL Aldermanic President to “Put His Big Boy Pants On”



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Democratic Presidential Candidates Oppose Choice for Poor Minorities

February 18th, 2020 by MarkTwain ·


Because education was so strictly prohibited during slavery, Africans Americans uniquely understand the importance of a quality education. Education opens your mind to new ideas and thoughts and gives one a freedom that can’t ever be taken away. That is why I believe the Democratic Party- and their presidential candidates, the Teacher’s Unions and the NAACP are so adamantly against providing African American parents choices in their children’s education. A 2017 poll showed wide support for school choice, especially among Latino and African American voters: Read more…


Marc Cox Morning Show: “St. Charles County Republican Chair David Zucker and Chris Arps.”

Wake Up Columbia: 15:00 “Christopher Arps lays out a great argument for his article “Democratic Presidential Candidates Oppose Choice for Poor Minorities”. We also discuss the Missouri Gubernatorial race” 

“Democrats For Education Reform” Gather in St. Louis



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